Church History



In 1875, a band of Christian friends wanted a place to worship.  First, it was a log building that burned, they rebuilt it on the same property.  A potbelly stove was used for heat.  Their way of transportation was walking, horses, horse and wagon or buggies.

Pastors during these times were Reverend T. Grady.  Other Pastors were: Reverend S. S. Woods, Reverend Delaware Fontee, Reverend P. J. Jones, Reverend W. M. Wilson, Reverend T. S. McKiver, Reverend Liggins, Reverend Bailey, Reverend Sanders, Reverend W. N. White, Reverend John T. Thomas, Reverend Linwood Daye, Reverend B. A. Mack, Reverend Rainey Enoch and Reverend Calvin E. Miller and current Pastor, Reverend Vaughan Brayboy, Jr.

Later the church was rebuilt with a wood structure.  The church heating was with a potbelly stove.  Years later electric lights were placed in the church, heating system, and air condition system.

For years this church has stood as a sentinel, pointing men and women, boys and girls to the heavenly way. In the midst of world turmoil, in the face of strife, and at times when world ideals are crumbling, this church has even held high, the banner of Christ who said, "Upon this rock, I build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

Persecution has not crushed our church.  Power has not beaten the church.  The abuses and treason of the world have not shaken the church's stability for this church is founded on a solid rock.

May our church continue to grow and stand in the years to come as it has in the past.  May we be a living monument of a Savior who died that all men might live.