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"The God of Heaven himself, will prosper us, therefore we His servants will arise and build." Nehemiah 2:20

Dear Friends,

Let us be very candid, the world you and I grew up in, is gone. The culture and climate we knew, is a thing of the past. Truth has been trumped with untruths and blurred lines. Our Culture is in upheaval. Violence and war seem to be the norm, along with safety behind church walls. My sisters and brothers in Christ, there is no peace anywhere. Family values seem to be in disarray. Leaders and institutions are failing the next generation at an alarming rate. Society is breaking down and there is no end to its deterioration in sight.

The hopes and dreams of a better quality of life are being replaced with disappointment, disillusion, and despair. However, I am still optimistic. I maintain that it is not too late for our nation to repent and stop the downward spiral into this rabbit hole of sadness and destruction. Only God can meet our needs! We, the children of God, can find joy in the fact that you and I are of a different world.

As followers of Jesus The Christ, we are in the world but not of the world (John 17:14-16).

We are not focusing our attention on worldly events. Our thoughts are on the world to come. A world as God would have it to be. We share a hunger to know, “WHAT IS GOD’S PURPOSE FOR ME?”. This is the passion that strives in and drives the hearts of the congregation of Orange Cross Roads Missionary Baptist Church ministries. The driving motivation within each of us is to be “difference-makers” in this world…by sharing the life transforming truth of God’s word.

Let me warmly invite you to join us, in our life transforming ministries, here at Orange Cross Roads Missionary Baptist Church in the New Year of 2018. Whatever choice the Lord leads you to make, we are encouraged that He will not lead you wrong. We hope that your worship experience with us will allow you to discover that you can become a “difference-maker” as never before.

I am grateful the Lord has brought us together on our website! We look forward to hearing and seeing you soon!

God bless you,
Rev Dr. Vaughan W. Brayboy Jr. Senior Pastor



"Let us not love in word, neither in tongue: but in deed and in truth." 1 John 3:18



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